Religion, or – Kingdom?

Religion, or – Kingdom?


When I was a kid I had a very different idea of what Christianity is than I do now. It went like this:

Long ago Jesus started the one true religion. Then He died, rose, and ascended to heaven, leaving us people to manage the religion He had started. This religion is like a self-perpetuating machine that we are in charge of until He comes back. (The return of Jesus, however, was unimportant because it had no bearing on this self-perpetuating religion. )

In 1972, I stepped across an invisible spiritual divide into the kingdom of God. I was now standing in a new reality— the Presence of Jesus the King. I realized that Jesus didn’t come to start a religion, but a kingdom. I find that Jesus has to awaken all of us out of a religious spirit—the false notion that Jesus came among us merely to start a religion. There is no evidence for this in the New Testament at all.

In this video I show how the “religious” Christians have a long history of actually resisting the kingdom of God while pretending to be all in favor of Jesus.