A Guest’s Encounter with God

I came here believing God had provided a place for me to stay temporarily; He had much more than a place to stay in mind. I was here only a short time before I realized that this place is Holy Ground--prayed over, consecrated, dedicated to Him.

Before the third day ended I was delivered from an almost lifelong (over 50 years) addiction to pornography. I was also released from an ever increasing addiction to whiskey which was destroying my mind and body while providing less and less comfort.

This all happened as I sat in silence alone.  It happened because of the prayers, faith and love that are found here. During my stay the Holy Spirit has broken many strongholds in my life and ministered to me daily. The Lord has made this a place of refuge.  This is a place of restoration, a place to be taught by the Holy Spirit.


A clear word from the Lord at The Clearing: