As we McMurrys draw near to God, we find that we are changing our way of looking at health care. Increasingly, God has been showing us that He created the world as a complex system intended to keep us well. But we need to study His intentions and the system He created, to live in harmony with our surroundings. That is the key to good health.

Unfortunately, we live in a culture that is fundamentally out of harmony with the Creation. Because our secular culture has abandoned our Christian underpinnings, most Americans do not see the environment as the creation of God. Therefore, we are not looking for His intentions and have developed patterns that are poisonous to body, soul and spirit.

Our blindness to the laws of God affects every area of life, for example, in our attempts to fight cancer. Health care spending in the U.S. is roughly one-fourth higher than any other country in the world (Download PDF). On top of that, the American Cancer Society is the number one researcher in the world, in our fight against cancer. Yet despite all this investment of health dollars and research, the U.S. has the highest per capita incidence of cancer in the world (Download PDF). Something is terribly wrong with this picture.

We believe this: Forgetting how to look for God’s answers hidden in Creation, we have tried to invent our own answers. In the rush for ease, convenience and comfort, we indulge in a lifestyle that is out of line with God’s created order. Our lifestyle destroys our immune systems; that exposes us to disease, especially to cancer, which results from a weakened immune system.

In 1900, a woman’s chance of getting cancer in her lifetime was one in 40. Today it is about one in 2.6. It’s easy to be casual about these statistics, but when it’s your brother or father or loved friend going through this kind of pain, you begin to really wonder, “Where have we gone wrong?”

One acquaintance, Mark Virkler, puts it this way:

It has amazed me that modern Western medicine has done so poorly in finding solutions for cancer, heart disease, and other degenerative diseases. Their solution has been to cut us open and take out the parts that are diseased, and then radiate what is left, killing off even more of us. And this is after they have spent billions of dollars in research over a fifty-year period. (Mark and Patti Virkler, Go Natural, p. 126)

Carla and I do not believe that the answer to this problem is to throw more money into government health programs. Rather, we must be healed of our blindness that has alienated us from God’s created order. We must learn, all over again, how God wants us to live, especially how He wants us to eat.

Carla and I happened on to this insight one day in 2002 when a fellow pastor in Richmond gave us some books about juicing. We began to practice juicing as a daily lifestyle, and noticed a remarkable difference it made in reducing sickness. More recently, we learned of a product called JuicePlus+ and have added that to our daily diet. Sick days have been cut by 90%. The advantage of JuicePlus+ is that it gives the benefits of juicing and more, while being much more convenient, and being backed by a good deal of gold standard research. We believe that God designed fruits and vegetables to continually strengthen our immune system and ward off disease, and JuicePlus+ is one way of doing that—conveniently.

Ever since then, we have been in discovery mode, as God opens our eyes to His intentions. He is interested in preventing disease, not just in curing it. Prevention is far less expensive and pain-free than the other alternative—investing in pharmaceuticals and surgeries to cure diseases. We believe it is time for our country to experience a revolution, as we turn from disease management to real preventive medicine, which is true health care.

For us this commitment to preventive medicine has taken four forms:

  • 1.Pouring fresh fruits and vegetables into our bodies; juicing every day; taking JuicePlus+ (which we distribute) (Link: www.cmcmurry.juiceplus.com)
  • 2.Taking care not to poison our bodies; avoid refined sugar (Link: befreetech.com/sugar_sweet_poison.htm) and partially hydrogenated oils (Link : Partially Hydrogenated Oils) and other poisons with which the food industry has been poisoning us.
  • 3.Raising our own food organically; relying as little as possible on our food supply system with its processed foods and fruits picked unripe for shipment.
  • 4.Attending JuicePlus+ wellness seminars. JuicePlus+ is not just a product we sell. It is a piece of a much larger revolution in health care, focused on how we can be good stewards of our bodies. (Link www.cmcmurry.juiceplus.com)

We invite you to join the revolution: “Taste and see that the Lord is good!”