Welcome to The Clearing’s Podcast!

Welcome to The Clearing’s Podcast!

Welcome to The Clearing – Where Eagles Fly… this is our Podcast powered by iTunes.


I’m Doug McMurry, director of The Clearing Where Eagles Fly in Virginia, and I want to announce now, August 2019, something new I’m developing.  I am turning all of my video teachings at my website, TheClearing.us, into audio files so that you can listen to them more conveniently, while you’re doing chores around the house, or driving to work.  I am also launching these audio teachings as podcasts on i-Tunes, with the hope that you will subscribe to them. In that way, I encourage you to listen to the whole series of teachings, because they are really intended to be received as a series that all hang together. 

So far I have published three series of teachings in video, all about one subject, The Kingdom of God. Christianity is not a religion—it is a Kingdom—“the Gospel of the Kingdom.” Being a Christian means learning how to walk in the authority of Christ; it’s not just about going to church.  So I will be putting three series into audio podcast release schedule; hoping to encourage you to listen to each series:

  1. Series One: “How Shall We Then Live” tells how you walk into this kind of Kingdom living—connecting with God and walking in Kingdom authority.  It’s very much a “how to do it” approach, with practical steps to take in connecting with God.
  2. Series Two:  Glory Through Time” shows how others lived out this Kingdom lifestyle, walking in the authority of the Kingdom—and what was the result.  I also show the historical results, the track record of God’s powerful deeds, so you can see how this Gospel affected other generations.
  3. Series Three: “End-time Promise” shows the final result of the Kingdom of God—based on Jesus’ second coming “to restore all things,” as it says He will do in Acts 3:21.

If you have never sampled my teachings, let me suggest that you start with the “Introduction” to my “How Shall We Then Live” series here, in which I tell my own story, how I discovered the Kingdom life-style myself.  I’ve been walking it out now for 50 years, and that’s enough time to evaluate it.  It has turned out to be such a great adventure—I want everyone to experience it for themselves!  So let me invite you to hear the Introduction first, and then try out the ten teachings in that first series, “How Shall We Then Live.”  I am just one beggar telling another beggar where the bread is.

All the best,

Douglas McMurry