Long Range Plans

We believe that God has led us to Charles City to build a prayer center in one of the most historic places in the nation.

check Here we will maintain consistent prayer watches, aimed at inviting spiritual awakening and the healing of the land.
check Here, too, we will invite people to take spiritual retreats, during which they can “get into the clear with God.”
check Finally, at The Clearing, we hope to offer teaching and encouragement in the area of prayer and the life in the Spirit.

floor-planOur goals in property development are as follows:

bullet-1 A prayer chapel for prayer, worship and thanksgiving, 24/7.
bullet-2 A teaching facility separate from the chapel, to include office space.
bullet-3 Temporary housing units for private retreats (cabins).

Our Number One priority is to build the House of Prayer. Below is our initial floor plan, as designed by our friend, Mark Evans.