Our Story

Guided by many confirmed prophetic words, we McMurrys, after 35 years in pastoral ministry, dropped everything, sold the house we had built to retire in, and moved here to a 30-acre farm to begin this ministry of intensive prayer.
At this time, God changed our mantle or calling. As pastors, our calling was to minister, in Jesus’ name, to people and their needs. But on July 31, 2004, during an internship at the Kansas City International House of Prayer, Jesus gave us a “Levitical” or “priestly” mantle. God called us to minister to Him, a different emphasis in ministry from the local pastorate. We call it “the Royal Priesthood.”

We believe God has put us here to labor intensively in prayer for a spiritual awakening for our land. We are here to encourage this in any way we can, so that others will catch this vision and join us in it.

We moved to this remote 30-acre farm out of sheer obedience, not knowing why God wanted us here. Soon, we discovered that we were the new owners of a place called Peace Hill Marsh, named for the very first treaty between whites and Natives on this continent (1614, between King James and the Chickahominy Nation). It dawned on us that we were now located in the middle of a spiritual tap root that goes down deeper historically than any other location in the U.S. We are convinced this is why God moved us here.

From the time God moved us to Richmond 25 years ago, I (Doug) began to sense God’s leadings to research spiritual history, especially in the United States. I would ask, “What happened here and how did God feel about it?” In my research, many of the patterns I discovered could be traced back through U.S. history to the north side of the James River, between Jamestown and Richmond. Now, without really trying to, we find ourselves living right in the middle of this region-in Charles City County, the very tap root of U.S. history. This can’t be mere “coincidence”. It is God’s design.

We believe we are called to pray for our nation at this spiritual tap root, to stand in the gap as intercessors here, and to encourage others to do the same. We believe God wants to bring a season of “great awakening”, and that the next season will spotlight Native peoples. From this website will come resources and teachings to guide people in this “priestly” calling.