Friends of The Clearing

Below you will find links to organizations we consider friends in the ministry. You can click on their names or websites to visit their sites and find out more about what each of them do.

Our friends in the Messianic Jewish world:


Tikkun Ministries – or

Tikkun is a Messianic Jewish ministry actively pursuing the person and work of the Holy Spirit and the unity of believers—Jew and Gentile—as expressed in Ephesians 2.


Our friends pursuing the Holy Spirit and spiritual awakening:


Presbyterian Reformed Ministries International –

Presbyterian Reformed Ministries International is an international organization seeking the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and a deeper life of prayer among mainline denominational people.  They do systematic Biblical teaching on how to walk in the Spirit, which has caught on worldwide, especially in Asia.

George Otis –

George Otis has formed a coalition of transformation partners who share insights and teaching from their experiences leading transformation movements around the world. Doug has some articles on the site.

Jesus Abbey and the Three Seas Centre –

At Jesus Abbey and the Three Seas Centre, Father Ben Torrey heads a ministry in Korea pursuing prayer and spiritual awakening from the center established by his father, Archer Torrey, who was the grandson of the revivalist R.A. Torrey.


Our friends who minister among First Nations:


Broken Walls –

Broken Walls is an evangelistic team that ministers the Gospel of Jesus in a way suited to Native culture. They believe that God is breaking down racial and cultural barriers today as He establishes His Kingdom that transcends culture. Jonathan Maracle, of the Mohawk tribe in Canada, founded the group and ministers the Gospel in a Native context.

Bill Pagarin –

Bill Pagarin is a Tlingit from Palmer, Alaska and drummer for Broken Walls.  In addition to his ministry on the drum, he has developed a profound message of life into villages ridden with suicide.  His ministry is called Carry the Cure.


Houses of Prayer


Ryan and Jade McAdams –

Ryan and Jade McAdams and we at The Clearing support each others’ ministries locally, and do many things together.  Their ministry in nearby Williamsburg, VA started out of The Call Williamsburg several years ago, and has become a church that functions as a house of prayer.  We are in process of linking with more and more houses of prayer in the area.