Jesus The Emancipator III

Jesus The Emancipator III

Jesus the Emancipator III

In my writing, I try to present our Christian history as a readable story. But it is more than a story. It is fact. Stuff God did. History confirmed by historians.
In this “Jesus the Emancipator” series, I convey the seldom-told history that shows Jesus Himself as the one responsible for destroying the slave industry in the nineteenth century. You may ask, “How come no one else has told about this?” It is, seemingly, a new idea.

And that is just why I hope you will read my books, Glory Through Time–because all my stories are footnoted, and you can track my stories back to the historical research on which they are based. I believe God has led historians to research different episodes in our history, so that I could come along and string together their discoveries into a flowing story of the kingdom of God. This has been for me a great adventure of discovery. How exciting it was for me, when I stumbled across Stephen Tomkins’ book, The Clapham Sect and Owen Muelder’s book, Theodore Dwight Weld and the American Anti-Slavery Society. These books, available on Amazon’s Kindle, were like opening a doorway into an underground cavern full of long-lost treasures.

Look at this video today as a treasure map I’m giving you, and Glory Through Time Vol. 2, pages 300-400 are a pathway to the writings of these historians–and I do hope that some of you will discover these hidden treasures for yourself. Here’s the insight that I value, and I now give to you–that Jesus and the Holy Spirit have repeatedly transformed the world in which we live–and exhibit #1 is this–in the fullness of time the King directed His people to destroy the institution of slavery.