The Presence of the King

The Presence of the King

The Presence of the King 👑

There is one feature of Revivals that makes them worth remembering and studying: During Revivals Jesus becomes present in a way that He is not present at other times. You could almost define a Revival as a season of the manifest Presence of the Lord.

In this video I have an example of what that is like. I describe the third Revival tide in Scotland, which happened in 1638. We have almost completely forgotten what happened to cause Scotland to form a national covenant with Jesus. After that, the Christians were called Covenanters.

The book I am soon to publish with TBN is full of accounts where Jesus became present in this heightened way, giving me the title for my series: Glory Through Time. Look for it at Amazon around Christimastime.

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My newer book, Glory Through Time, Vol. One (A Narrative of the Kingdom of God) is published by TBN. It is available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and wherever books are sold.