The First Revival Tide

The First Revival Tide


Looking at the big picture, God has been working with us Christians over the last 500 years, to wean us away from a Power-and-Might lifestyle, and teach us His By-My-Spirit ways. He started opening up this classroom in Scotland aeons ago, by introducing a whole new pattern that I call Revival Tides. (See my last video.)

By looking at these Revival tides from start to finish in history, we can learn a great deal about God–some of it really quite surprising. Didn’t Jesus say that, at one point, His “virgins” would “wake up?” Well, He has tried to awaken His people for quite some time now, by sending Great Awakenings and Revival Tides.

In this video, I describe the first of these, which happened in Scotland nearly 500 years ago. He’s been shaking the Church ever since, shouting to us, “It’s time to wake up!” Many Christians just want to go back to sleep


But the study of His awakenings is really quite fascinating. And it helps us to hunger for a fresh awakening today.