River City School

River City School


Today I am announcing my entry into the world of Zooming professors. Beginning Sept. 11, 2023 I will become a professor in a new school just three years old, the River City School in Richmond, Virginia, an institute that encourages and trains Spirit-filled leaders. The founder of this school, Pastor Steve Stells is an old friend–we used to pray a good deal over Richmond. Both of us pastors had a vision higher than just building a successful church. We wanted to see the kingdom of God advanced in the city, so we prayed over the city, and got close to each other in the process.

When he discovered that I had written two books, Glory Through Time, Vol. One and Two, he asked me if I would teach a class, “History of Holy Spirit Movements.” So that is what I will do beginning this September.

If, after watching my video about this, you would like to sign up for my class, here is the information:

The River City website: https://rivercityschool.com/

The Admissions process: https://rivercityschool.com/apply-now/admissions/

Fall courses: https://rivercityschool.com/academics/next-semester/

This will be a deep dive into how the Holy Spirit has moved throughout the ages to transform nations. I believe God has prepared me to help train a future generation to lead a great Revival tide by clueing people in to the vast history of God’s interventions into our world.

~Doug McMurry~