Prophets of Old

Prophets of Old


A major theme of my next book is that the kingdom of God advances by moves of the Spirit of God, not by worldly power. Most of us look back at the Protestant Reformation as a transition from “Catholic” doctrines and church government to “Protestant” doctrines and church government. But in my research I discovered that, especially in Scotland, there was a much deeper transition happening: Jesus was introducing the Holy Spirit, inviting the Scottish Kirk into a whole new lifestyle. He was inviting them to walk in the Spirit.

One evidence of this new and revolutionary transition was that the leaders of the Reformation were often gifted to minister prophetically to their generation. Yes, you heard me right: for 150 years, key leaders ministered the spiritual gift of prophecy, a fact which has been largely forgotten today. My book presents this aspect of the Scottish Reformation in detail, but in this video, I give just a few quotes to prove the point.

During each of four Revival tides in Scotland beginning with George Wishart, prophecies flowed more and more powerfully as God spoke to leaders who were often risking their lives for Jesus. The prophecies demonstrate a major point I am trying to make in this book: that Jesus was trying to re-introduce the life-in-the-Spirit to Christian people–who had largely adopted an alternate lifestyle, which I call “Power-and-Might Christianity.”

This new generation of Scots were privileged to experience four Revival tides prior to the onslaught of the Enlightenment (so-called), each one becoming more and more broadly transformational to Scottish life. Between 1550 and 1680, Scottish people were learning how to truly surrender their lives to the King, because King Jesus was genuinely revealing Himself during these Revival tides. Prophecy was an important part of the transformation during that entire period, as I show beyond a shadow of a doubt in my book. (“Just the facts, ma’am,” as Jack Webb used to say on Dragnet.)

Several of you have enquired when this book will be available. It is in production at TBN, and I hope to have it in hand by the end of January. It will be available on Amazon kindle, and “wherever books are sold.”