Awakening #8 – CRT and the Kingdom of God

Awakening #8 – CRT and the Kingdom of God

Q: What’s worth doing in life?
A: Devote yourself to the Kingdom of God.

What I have discovered in my research is this: The kingdom of God is a complete, divinely ordained strategy for the transformation of nations. It has a unique pattern taught and lived by Jesus. This king behaves differently than all other kings who ever lived, yet He is very much a king, not a religious leader. And His kingdom has its own power source—the Holy Spirit.

All other earthly enterprises operate out of worldly power. Many of these claim to be motivated from love and justice, yet they depend on worldly power to get things done, and worldly power corrupts. In this video I compare the kingdom of God with Critical Race theory, which is Marxism with a racial twist. Let’s stick with the kingdom of God!

Oh, and, by the way, I will be having a book-signing event this Sunday, December 12 at my church, The River in Toano, located at 8824 Richmond Road just west of Williamsburg. If you are in the area y’all come. I’ll be sharing a bit about how I Came to write Glory Through Time, and where I am in my production of Volume Two. Service is at 10 am.

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