Power Sources

Power Sources

Power Sources – Awakening #6

Our country is unique, in that the founders of the United States of America had experienced the power of God in the Old Country, and they were familiar with how God works through the Holy Spirit. ¬†They may not have possessed all the gifts of the Spirit that many do today, but they had experienced Revival and spiritual awakening from God, and, because of that, they had completely new and unheard-of ideas about God’s power at the heart of a nation. This awareness of God’s powerful presence went well beyond just the “Protestant” or “Catholic” or “Presbyterian” labels–as though denominations were just arguing about different traditions.

The real issue was: What is your power source? Do you trust the King of England, or the King of Kings? The people who had experienced the King of Kings, and had been persecuted in the Old Country for their experience of God were extremely important in the founding of our country.

Many had fled Britain because of their fresh experiences with God’s power. In this teaching, I tell a bit about how that affected the United States and established new principles for our life together as “a Christian country.” And it led directly to the first Great Awakening, which was entirely in the northern colonies. More about that next month…