The Third Great Awakening Series Release

In spite of negative news all around, we McMurrys have never been more encouraged. Last night, Carla was healed of a very painful condition in her knees, one of several people healed by the Holy Spirit during our new “Third Great Awakening” prayer group on Tuesday nights in Williamsburg. Almost everyone in the group was healed of pain or sickness. God was present in a unique way that I haven’t seen since charismatic days 50 years ago.

A few months ago, our daughter, Lisa, experienced a deep personal spiritual awakening that has transformed her life–and the rest of her family, as succeeding months have borne out.

These events are not just wonderful personal stories; they are God’s assurance of an imminent great awakening, something the two of us have been praying for since 1983. Get ready!

As a researcher of the great spiritual awakenings of the past, God has given me insights about what we can expect from this next one. I would like to use this newsletter to draw from my research useful lessons that inform us about the next “time of refreshing from the presence of the Lord.”

The attached five-minute video describes a series of three teachings I gave in January (2021), entitled, “The Third Great Awakening: What Is It, When Is It?” You can view these on my YouTube channel TheClearingMedia: Also, you can listen to the audio of these 3 teachings on my iTunes Podcast: The Clearing Podcast – Where Eagles Fl‪y‬. Then you can look for updates on the first week of each month. These updates will also be installed on my website,, as blogs, which you can see anytime in the future.


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