The Moravians!

Greetings to all!

Here’s my next installment in the track record of God’s kingdom.  I’m just trying to make sense of history from a Kingdom point of view.

So here’s the story:
During the Middle Ages, Christianity stopped being a Kingdom and ended up as a religion only.  But as these middle 700 years drew to a close, God Himself began to inject the Gospel of the Kingdom back into His Church.  This happened by fits and snatches, here a little, there a little, starting with a totally disorganized and poorly led lay movement called the Lollard movement.  John Wycliffe is loosely associated with this movement, which had people forming themselves into lay reading societies.  A group of ordinary English people would get a hold of a portion of scripture that had been translated into English, and they would read it and talk about it.  And God’s vision for a Kingdom began to infiltrate those little circles of common people.  Compared to the worldly splendor and sheer wealth of the Roman Church at the time, these little reading societies looked pathetic.  Yet this is what God used to bring back His Kingdom, with power, resulting eventually in the Moravian Church, a 24/7 prayer movement, and the Great Awakening.  In this teaching, I trace how one thing led to another, until the power and presence of the King broke out in Europe and in Britain in the 1720’s.

None of the people who contributed to this chain of events could see beyond their own lifetime.  Each had to look at the vision in the word of God, and pursue it as best they could–as best they knew.  Most of them could make only a little progress back to God’s original purposes.  But each did their part contributing to a narrative of Kingdom Advance that is still going on today.  When you see the Big Picture, as I am trying to show it, you realize how so few of us really comprehend very much.  God’s ways are so much higher than ours.  And even though God has conveyed a great deal in His word, it is still difficult for us to see past the prejudices of our own time and culture, to comprehend God.  But let me encourage you to try!  And that will mean spending a great deal of time in God’s word, where He has revealed the secrets of His heart to us.

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Doug McMurry
The Clearing Where Eagles Fly