Scottish Awakening

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Hi All!

It’s been a busy summer.  To begin with, I converted all my website videos to podcasts, which are now accessible through i-Tunes.  So now you can explore them while you are driving to work or babysitting the neighbor’s kids.

Second, God opened a door for me to do some teaching in Scotland!  Some folks over there stumbled on to my Glory Through Time teaching (the recommendation of a friend).  So I spoke on the subject, “Scotland, Matchstick for the World,” in Edinburgh, and then in Troon on the west coast. Scotland has a long history being a kind of pilot light for spiritual awakening, going clear back to the 5th century.  So I believe the Scots came away from my teaching having a clearer picture of the amazing history of their country in advancing the Kingdom of God by the power of the Holy Spirit.

So it seems especially appropriate to be sending out this teaching from Glory Through Time, entitled “Scottish Awakening.”  When God wanted to awaken the whole world from its love affair with “Power and Might” Christianity, He found in Scotland some folks who were willing to relearn the original principles of how Kingdom advance happens–by the work of the Holy Spirit.  (Worldly power and might just get in the way.)  The whole idea of praying for spiritual awakening has been circulating in Christian communities ever since.  And, yes, spiritual gifts did manifest in those days in Scotland, just in case you’re interested.”

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Doug McMurry
The Clearing Where Eagles Fly