Religion? Or Kingdom?

Religion? Or Kingdom? – Awakening Series #4

The Bible doesn’t lie. It presents a vision so radical, so superhuman, so straightforward, that it is hard to accept full strength. It’s implications are earthshaking, if we have the courage to listen to this vision, surrender to it, and live by it. It will turn us into heavenly beings, fully prepared to meet God face to face one day. That is a tall order, but the Bible does it well, if you’re willing to read through to the end.

What makes the Bible so transformational is this: it conveys the vision of the Kingdom of God. That vision will possess you if you let it. It was intended to possess you. If it doesn’t possess you, something is wrong.

Here’s what’s wrong. We have taken the vision of the Bible and turned it into a religion. Not The Kingdom.

But as the Christian Era draws to a close, God is drawing our attention to The Gospel of the Kingdom again. Are we listening, you and I? Are you willing to let the Kingdom of God possess you?

This video presents the reason for my next book, Glory Through Time, which I describe as a Narrative of the Kingdom of God. It tells story after story of ordinary people who have surrendered their lives to King Jesus and we’re empowered to win whole nations to Christ. —and most of these stories have been completely forgotten by a generation of people who want Christianity to be “just one of the great religions of the world.”